Stop the UK Government's anti-asylum Bill

Gary Lineker is right. The Government’s so-called ‘Illegal Migration Bill’ is “immeasurably cruel”. It is also legally, morally and practically unworkable.

Show your solidarity with refugees, asylum seekers and those who are being silenced for speaking up on their behalf. Stand with Gary Lineker.

The petition

The Government claims this legislation will stop small boat channel crossings but it does nothing to address what is really driving desperate people to make these dangerous journeys. People are forced to cross the Channel because the Government has deliberately closed safe routes for people to claim asylum and refuge in the UK, a right under international law.

In fact, the Bill aims to deny people this right by giving the Home Secretary a legal imperative to detain people arriving in the UK en masse and deport them without hearing their case to claim asylum. Many legal experts believe that this is a breach of international law.

Gary Lineker has been told to ‘step back’ from his Match of the Day presenting  role for standing up for refugees by criticising this Bill.The BBC claim his comments represent a breach of their impartiality guidelines but is currently chaired by a Conservative Party donor who helped secure an £800,000 loan for Boris Johnson before Johnson appointed him to the role.

Passing this law will make the UK a pariah on the international stage, with the UN already condemning its introduction. It would embolden authoritarian regimes and weaken the UK’s ability to defend international law. It has also been estimated that the plan will cost the British taxpayer £25 billion over the next 5 years.

Add your name to this petition calling on the Government to live up to their obligations under international law, to reestablish safe routes for refugees and asylum seekers, and to treat people fleeing war, famine and persecution with dignity and compassion. 

We call on the Government to give the ‘Illegal Migration Bill’ the boot.

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