No taxpayer funds for tax-haven companies

Government funds are to keep British businesses going during lockdown.

Taxpayers should not fund offshore companies that don't pay UK tax.

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UPDATE 20th April 2020: Scotland First Minister backs calls to deny bailout to tax haven firms

Scotland's leader, Nicola Sturgeon, has said "I think companies that don’t operate in a fair way should not be necessarily easily able to access public funds."

The First Minister was speaking about Denmark's decision to ban companies registered in tax havens from receiving taxpayer-funded Coronavirus bailouts.

This issue was first highlighted in the UK when billionaire Richard Branson asked the British government for a £500 million bailout for his Virgin Atlantic airline.

Add your name below and join the call - if a business didn't want to pay in, they shouldn't get a pay-out.

Britain can learn from other countries

France just joined other European countries, Denmark and Poland, in banning tax-avoiding companies registered in offshore tax havens from getting Coronavirus aid. 

The principle here is we all pay in to something larger than ourselves so our interests can be looked after on a national and global scale. Individuals and even individual countries need to work together when something bigger comes along.

Work together: pay your fair share

The same principle applies to us working with Europe to bulk-buy PPE for British essential workers. Working together means we get more opportunity and better prices.

Britain should work with the world to make it clear to tax avoiders: pay your fair share.

The British people are making sacrifices. British businesses are struggling to survive. Government help is being provided so there are jobs to go back to when lockdown ends. 

Save British businesses and jobs

It is only right that those who have paid into the system through taxes should get the help now.

Workers, taxpayers, businesses that have paid in and contribute to our nation need help so they can carry on contributing. But firms registered overseas just so they don't have to contribute to our society should not profit from our sacrifices.

Add your name below to ask the UK government to learn from our neighbours in France, Denmark and Poland and make sure government funding doesn't go to those who have avoided paying tax. 

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