Let's just be sure - give the people a real Brexit choice

The only way to beat the deadlock in Parliament is a people's vote. A referendum on the Brexit deal. There are always rumours the government is making plans for a referendum, but we must stand up for the option to stay in the EU.

A referendum between Theresa May's botched Brexit deal and a No Deal catastrophe, with the option to stay cynically excluded is no choice at all. Both would leave us poorer and weaker, with falling growth and lower living standards. Neither will secure a better future for our families or protect Britain's place in the world.

The British people deserve a real choice. The option to keep the deal we currently have as a member of the EU must be on the ballot paper.

As Caroline Lucas says, ‘Let’s just be sure’. Demand the final say with the option to stay. Sign our petition today.


We, the undersigned, demand a real say on Brexit, with the chance to stay in Europe.

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