Thanks for your pledge

Your valuable time is really important to the campaign. 

Your commitment to make a short call to your MP's office is a huge contribution. MPs need to know what we think. They need to feel the pressure. 


You are unlikely to get through to to your MP directly. A member of their staff will take your call. You should:

  1. Tell them you are a constituent, confirming your name and address.
  2. Explain why you are calling - say you want your MP to vote against the government's Brexit deal and give your personal reasons why.
  3. Ask questions and if the staff member cannot answer them ask them to follow up by email or letter.
  4. Ask for an appointment to meet your MP in person to answer your questions.

Our suggested questions for your MP are:

  • Will you be voting for or against the government's Brexit deal?
  • Do you support giving the people a vote on the Brexit deal?
  • Do you agree the people's vote should include an option to remain in the EU?
  • Will you publicly support giving the people the final say on the Brexit deal?
  • Ask your MP to explain their reasoning if they do not directly support a people's vote.



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