Tory and Leave voters worry about Britain's global standing under Boris

In the wake of the Kim Darroch affair, Tory and Leave voters don't think Boris Johnson will improve Britain's standing in the world, a new Best for Britain poll has revealed.

The survey of 1,703 people by YouGov for Best for Britain and HOPE not hate shows that 64% of people are not confident that Boris Johnson would improve Britain's standing in the world, with 43% being 'not confident at all'.

See how the Sunday Mirror reported it here and in The National here.


The figures are even more striking among Johnson's supposed based - Conservative and Leave voters. Among Tory voters, nearly half said they were not confident that Johnson would improve Britain's standing, while the figure for Leave voters who were not confident was 43%.

The poll also shows that Johnson has had some success with his pledge to 'unite the country'. No age group, social grade or region is confident in the No 10 hopeful's ability to improve Britain's standing in the world.

Commenting, Best for Britain supporter and Labour MP, David Lammy said:

"This poll shows that even Tories and Leavers don't trust Boris Johnson on the international stage.

"That's no surprise - Johnson was the worst British Foreign Secretary in living memory and even before becoming PM has thrown one of our most important ambassadors under the bus in a cheap move to cosy up to Donald Trump.

"Johnson has insulted our European neighbours and, in doing so, has guaranteed poor relations with our closest allies. Britain is now being forced into a disastrous No Deal corner against its will. Jobs and vital supplies are now at risk.

"Boris Johnson has no credibility left and zero legitimacy to make the biggest political decision of a generation. It is vital the public, not Johnson, is allowed the have the final say on Brexit.”

Also commenting, Best for Britain supporter and Conservative MP, Guto Bebb said:

"The public do not want someone who is threatening a disorderly exit from the EU, and Mr Johnson's decision to throw one of our most senior ambassadors under a bus was utterly shameful. Kim Darroch has been a fantastic servant of this country, and, like other diplomats, should be able to expect his honest and frank opinion not to be used against him.

"Our next Prime Minister should be someone with more respect for the crucial role played by diplomats like Mr Darroch."