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The Trafford Centre
 is part of all our lives. Thousands of locals from across Greater Manchester work there. 

We’ve all done our shopping there, been to the cinema, taken the kids to the aquarium. 

But the Trafford Centre’s owners, Intu, are losing money while the UK’s economy is going through uncertain times. They are looking at selling the centre off or closing it down.  

Trafford Centre closing - 12,000 jobs

Not only would we lose access to all services the Trafford centre provides, but here in Heywood and Middleton, we would be hit by huge job losses. The centre provides nearly 12,000 jobs and contributes over £488 million to the local economy.
These jobs are often flexible and part-time, providing employment for busy parents and first-time jobs for students. 

That’s why I’m demanding a quick and comprehensive trade deal with Europe which guarantees seamless international trade. The retail industry is always vulnerable to disruption, and I'm worried the Trafford Centre and all its jobs might not survive. 

Still work to do, even now Brexit is done

When businesses don’t know what their position will be in six months, or in a year, they tend to  assume the worst case and make cut-backs where-ever they can. 

If we can ensure trade with our European neighbours which avoids unnecessary customs checks or tariffs, I believe thousands of jobs could be saved.

Save jobs. Save the Trafford Centre. Fix Coronavirus first.

We need stability, we need a plan for the future. The Government must re-establish confidence in the UK economy by securing frictionless trade with our closest neighbours by getting the best deal for global Britain.

So, join me in calling on my MP to get the UK back on track, save local jobs and get the best, closest deal with Europe. Global Britain needs to make the best of easy trade of goods and services between our nation and our nearest trading ally.

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