Extend Transition: Focus on beating the Coronavirus

We are at war with an invisible enemy. We must all fully support the government in working to protect people and businesses. Given that Public Health England suggests up to 80% of us could get sick, it is absolutely right that the government mantra is that it will do ‘Whatever It Takes’. 

What we cannot do is tackle this global crisis while simultaneously trying to replace all our existing trading relationships. Sign below to commit your support to reports that the government is considering extending the transition period

It’s not reasonable to expect the government to put out two fires at once. It’s not reasonable to expect them to secure a new free trade deal with the EU while dealing with a deadly situation on our shores. Nor is it desirable - most Brits, like us, just want the government to focus on killing covid-19, with no distractions. 

Coronavirus is predicted to seriously hurt our economy in the short to medium term. And so would ending transition with no comprehensive deal with our closest neighbouring countries.

Indeed, senior directors of NHS England confirmed resources they stockpiled for No Deal has already been released to tackle the virus. Proof that public services expected the impact of No Deal to put huge strain on medical supply chains. 

Best for Britain has scrutinised government contingency plans in detail for three years - most public bodies felt confident to weather one catastrophe, such as No Deal, but all fear a double whammy. Without an extension, we’re in double whammy territory by the end of June.

Sign below to support the extension of the transition period to allow our government to focus on beating Coronavirus.

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