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Make sure our scientists can share knowledge and resources freely.

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Great feats of human achievement, from space travel to vaccination, transcend borders. That’s why I am urging the UK to get a deal that makes sure our scientists get access to international scientific programmes, including medical research. Britain is a world leader in scientific research - let's keep leading the world. Sign below if you agree.


Now we've left the EU, we have until the end of the year to negotiate our future relationship with our nearest neighbours. As it stands, our scientists and our technology companies could be barred from working with the biggest and the best scientific organisations in Europe. That is, unless we request an extension for the transition period and make a commitment to scientific co-operation now.  


Already we’ve seen what’s at stake. The UK committed fifteen years of collaborative effort with the best scientists from across Europe to develop the joint satellite navigation system, Galileo. Now, we are set to leave the programme, and our scientists and technology companies are unable to use and learn from the machine they helped create. We’re back to square one.


Europe produces over a third of the world’s scientific output, 34% more than the US. Up to now that has included Britain's huge science output. We still have the opportunity to participate in European fellowships, like the Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme, and benefit from access to the European Research Council - but only if we act quickly and extend transition. Let’s give British scientists the chance to work with the world.


Here in the UK we have a world-class reputation for science and technology – but if we don’t act now, we would we miss out on the chance to contribute to something even greater. And our scientists could end up going elsewhere, to a country where their research could continue being connected with the world.


Join me in calling on the government and my MP to stand up for scientific co-operation. We have the opportunity to be part of live-saving medicines, collaborative space exploration and technologies that could change the world.


Now more than ever, we must work as one, not only to survive, but to thrive. The pursuit of human betterment is universal. It shouldn’t be divided by borders or politics.   


We can go so much further together. Let’s extend transition and ensure scientific co-operation across borders. Sign here!

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