Say No to a Trump Trade Deal

Leading Brexiteers are championing a new Brexit plan penned by a right-wing think tank known as the IEA. 

Their plan is simple, to adopt unrestrained capitalism across the UK and transform it into Singapore-Upon-Thames. Key to this plan is to forge a strong alliance with Trump's America, open Britain's markets to predator multi-nationals and dilute hard-won workers rights to "improve competitiveness". 

The plan comes after another group the Initiative for Free Trade (which shares a co-author in Shanker Singham), called for Britain to accept American environmental and food safety regulations and to "expose incumbent businesses to competition, including healthcare providers

We need to be clear. Our NHS, our food standards and our rights at work are not up for sale. Sign our petition today to add your voice.

We, the undersigned, government rejects a trade deal with Donald Trump's America if Brexit goes ahead.

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