Tusk letter: longer extension would provide the breathing room for the people to have the final say

President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, sent a letter to EU27 leaders ahead of tomorrow’s Special European Council. He recommended a long extension to Article 50, rather than the short extension Theresa May asked for.

Best for Britain CEO Eloise Todd said:

“Tusk is right. The UK badly needs to rethink its Brexit strategy and a longer extension would provide the breathing room to do just that.

“Ever since Theresa May prematurely triggered Article 50, the government has been in a race to force Brexit through against all the evidence of harm it would cause and despite the growing opinion that staying in the EU would provide a safer, more prosperous future for the country.

“Crucially, a longer extension would also make time for the public to give their sign off to any form of Brexit MPs agree upon.”