Here are the results of the polling conducted by YouGov and Datapraxis for Best for Britain and HOPE not hate between 8th-17th May 2019, for your region.

What happens if...

European elections in the UK are counted using the D’Hondt method.

It's different to the way General and Local election votes are counted, and can seem more complex.

We've made this tool so you can see the impact of different vote shares on the final outcome for your region or country.

If your region's votes are...
...then the result will be:
Nigel Farage and his Brexit party, UKIP and the Tories want a hard brexit. Vote against them. Use your vote for any other party.
Your vote can tip the scales against Nigel Farage and hard brexit. Use it on Thursday for any party that's opposing hard brexit. Encourage your friends to do the same!
Not sure where to vote? Find out at WhereDoIVote.co.uk

Elections for the EU Parliament take place TOMORROW - Thursday, 23rd May

Make sure you CAST YOUR VOTE

Not sure where to vote? Find out at WhereDoIVote.co.uk