Vote because you CARE 👪

Being in the EU is more than how much cash goes where. Our NHS relies on medicines supplied from all over Europe. We need Europe-wide co-operation on creating and transporting radioactive substances, used in cancer treatments. 

And more than that, our NHS is made up of passionate, hard working people from all over Europe. People who came to Britain to use their training, expertise and skills to treat our illnesses, deliver our babies and keep our NHS working.

The EU keeps our NHS going. And the NHS keeps us going.

You get a vote on Thursday. Use it.

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Elections to the EU Parliament are on Thursday, 23rd May.

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These elections will set the tone for the kind of country we want to be. The Brexit Party exists to smash your rights. They think we should 'go it alone'. Whatever the consequences to our families or our health.

If they get their way we all lose. Our NHS is already losing EU staff. Britain is stockpiling medicine, like we're at war. Is that the future you want for your family?

Use your vote on Thursday.

Just a small increase in votes against Brexit parties across the country will stop them sabotaging our NHS.

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Vote for our NHS. Vote because you care. Vote on Thursday.

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