Vote for LOVE, LIFE and WORK 💖

Your right to move freely around Europe means you can decide to live and work in any of the 28 countries in the EU.

You can fall in love and not worry that you'll be separated by borders. You can take that dream job abroad. You can live, love and work however and wherever you choose.

You also get a vote. That's your right too. 

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Elections to the EU Parliament are on Thursday, 23rd May.

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These elections will set the tone for the kind of country we want to be. The Brexit Party exists to smash your rights. They want to put a stop to our freedoms across Europe.

If they get their way we all lose our rights to live, love and work across the continent. They would roll back your rights.

Use your vote on Thursday.

Just a small increase in votes against Brexit parties across the country will stop them sabotaging our rights.

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Vote for love. Vote for freedom. Vote on Thursday.

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