Voter ID shambles: Tell the Government what you think

Yesterday, voters in some parts of England took part in the first British election where they were required to present mandatory photo ID, and, just as we and many others warned, people around the country were denied their right to vote

We want you to tell the government how you feel about this naked effort to suppress the vote

If you…

  • Were turned away while trying to vote
  • Saw or heard of someone being denied their right to vote
  • Were not in an area with elections yesterday but are angry about how this will impact your rights in future.

Use the tool below to send your message now.


Voter ID was introduced at great expense to tackle a problem that barely existed with only one person convicted of voter impersonation at the last general election from more than 30 million votes cast. 

The terms of the new rules are even more egregious: Bus passes for over-60s are accepted at the polls, while young peoples’ bus passes and student IDs are not. 

It’s part of their broader effort to close down all ways they can be held to account, on the streets, in the media and in this case, at the ballot box.

Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith said:

“Scenes of people barred from the polls should offend everyone who believes in democracy.

“The introduction of Voter ID is another nakedly anti-democratic attempt by the Government to suppress voters less likely to support them.