Tell the Remain parties to work together

Remain Parties: Organise NOW before the next general election to beat the Brexit parties.

The European Elections should be a wake up call to Remain Party leaders in the UK. A General Election could be on us as fast as these elections were. In 2017, UKIP quickly stood down for many Conservative candidates, while the progressive remain parties only managed an alliance in a few seats around the country.

Remain Party leaders MUST listen to voters: work together NOW

It’s only too obvious that Nigel Farage will construct a pact for his party to allow pro-Brexit Conservative candidates to win. This could mean that a Conservative Party, led by a hard Brexiter, could sweep to victory in a first past the post election on 30% of the vote. We must not let that happen.

We can secure a majority of pro-EU MPs in Parliament

Remain votes are fragmented across SNP, Plaid, Liberal Democrat, Greens, Change UK and Labour.

We call on the leaders of those parties to work together now in the national interest, to avoid a catastrophic no-deal Brexit at the hands of Nigel Farage and the Conservative Party.

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