The Affordable Food Deal

The UK’s record on food poverty is one of the most shameful in Europe. We knew a no-deal end to the transition period at the end of 2020 would mean high tariffs for food, putting pressure on household budgets and driving more families into food insecurity. That's why we launched the Affordable Food Deal campaign in the Summer of 2020.

We worked with experts, like Unchecked UK, campaigns like Save British Farming and activists like Jack Monroe to ensure UK food remained accessible, affordable and of the highest quality. 

Our campaign successfully helped pressure the government into securing a tariff-free trade agreement with the EU.

But friction in trade with Europe, and the prospect of other post-Brexit trade deals which may compromise our currently high food and agricultural standards, remain threats to UK food. We continue to work to make EU-UK trade an Affordable Food Deal. 

Find out more about the Affordable Food Deal here.