What is Best for Britain?

We are the researchers, data scientists, strategists, and activists, fixing the problems Britain faces after Brexit.

We design policy for whoever is in government, today or tomorrow

And we give voters the tools to speak to, and persuade, those in power.

We believe that when we change minds we change politics for the better.

And that all of this is Best for Britain.

Change minds Change politics

Change Minds → Change Politics is not just a slogan, it’s a commitment to ensure that everything Best for Britain undertakes is persuasive and changing the politics for the better.

It’s the two questions that we ask ourselves every day:

Are we winning people over, or talking into an echo chamber?

Are we making politics better, or are we just adding to the toxicity?

We try to make complex politics accessible to all. And it can be difficult to make dry topics engaging. Just as it can be easy to fall into lazy political point scoring. We don't always get it right. But with Change Minds → Change Politics as our north star, everything we do is an attempt to mend an unprecedentedly polarised political landscape.

Ask Listen Think Do

Best for Britain’s method for approaching every issue that it tackles.

  • Ask. Every action begins with us putting the right questions, to the right people.Whether it’s our gold-standard MRP polling to find out the latest Westminster Voting Intention, or gathering evidence through the UK Trade & Business Commission and APPG on Coronavirus.
  • Listen. Once we’ve asked the right question, it’s important to hear, and learn, the right lessons from the answers being given.Best for Britain seeks to challenge the conventional wisdom, on a wide range of political issues, through innovative qualitative research, such as focus groups and analysis of our own, or third party, data.
  • Think. What sets us apart from other organisations is our ability to design solutions from our research, rather than just publishing our analysis of the problems for others to fix.From trade recommendations drawn up by our Policy & Research team, to building tactical voting tools that answer the questions that voters have always wanted to ask
  • Do. And the biggest difference? We make change happen, by putting the research, the tools, and the right people, together, so that they can do something about it.