We are fighting to keep the UK open to EU membership.

Best for Britain wants young people to steer Britain into the future

Young people voted by a huge margin to stay in the EU. Tomorrow’s doctors, nurses, teachers, leaders and parents should have the right to have a say on their future. Young people know that they must stand together with the rising generations in other EU countries to maintain and improve our way of life. Europe needs us as much as we need them at this time of political turmoil. Our future generations should be part of reforming the EU, not stuck on the outside playing catch-up. Some older people still hark back to parochial nationalism of the 20th century, but young people cannot afford to do this because their future is at stake. We are on their side.


Best for Britain is committed to finding a democratic way to stop Brexit

Best for Britain is a group of campaigners, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and citizens from across our country who have come together with one single mission: to oppose and stop Brexit through a transparent democratic process. Our strategy depends on convincing people – and especially young people – to become actively engaged in the Brexit debate and to mobilise others. We are succeeding, because a growing majority of the country, having discovered what it means in practice, now want to see Brexit stopped. We are connecting people and campaigning organisations across the country to one another and to their MPs, so that their voices will be heard.


Best for Britain supports a final say by parliament and then the people

Since our formation in late 2016 we have been focused on winning a meaningful vote in parliament that would allow MPs to reject any Brexit deal that is less good for the country than our current relationship with the EU. We will campaign for parliament to reject any Brexit proposal that does not deliver the same benefits as we now enjoy as a member of the EU. And we will support a people’s vote to make the final decision on whether to accept the terms of Brexit or keep our current deal with the EU. 


Best for Britain is fighting to stay in the EU, not to compromise on a soft Brexit

As the government’s plan for a Hard Brexit “clean break” from all EU institutions collides with economic and political realities, sentiment in political circles is growing for a “Soft Brexit”. But it is becoming increasingly clear that any form of Brexit is bad for Britain. We believe that the best way to fight for a better Britain and a better Europe is from within the EU. For more than two decades Britain has enjoyed the best economic performance in Europe by leading the creation of the single market, without being forced to adopt the Euro and lose our currency freedom. The only way for the UK to keep this privileged position is by avoiding Brexit. If we left the EU and applied to rejoin later, we would never be offered the same uniquely favourable terms.


Best for Britain believes that Britain and Europe’s successes are linked

The economic case for staying in the EU is very strong and it is becoming clearer as people see their jobs threatened and their incomes eaten away by inflation and a falling pound. The political case for staying in the EU is more complicated. The EU and Britain are both facing political challenges. These challenges are connected and both sides would be better off if they stayed together. The UK and Europe share the same democratic values, which are threatened by authoritarian tendencies on Europe’s borders, in Russia, Turkey and the Middle East. Britain remaining at the heart of Europe means more security against international attacks, more cooperation to stop terrorist networks and more success breaking criminal networks.


Best for Britain wants what's best for Britain, not best for politicians or their political parties

We believe that many people voted to leave because of frustration about our country’s neglected social and economic problems, and for some it was a kick against the EU itself. They felt their complaints about inequality and the absence of opportunity were not being heard and that an out of touch establishment based in London was governing in its own interests and not the wider interests of the country. But leaving the EU is not the answer. It would limit our economic future at a time when we need to increase our means to address these pressing issues and it consumes the political debate when our politicians should be debating solutions to Britain’s problems. The politics of Brexit are extremely complicated - new problems keep cropping up in the negotiations and distracting attention from the genuine challenges of globalisation, financial instability, government austerity, technology and social change which are transforming life in the UK and our position in the world. The Brexit debate distracts from resolving these genuine challenges, both at home and abroad. We need to get past it and move on with the task of building a fairer and more inclusive Britain. The distraction will only be removed if Britain remains a member of the EU and Britain’s true problems are understood and resolved, not side-lined by theoretical arguments over Europe. Our future and the future of our children depends on it.

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