Voting and Elections

Take action to stop undemocratic changes to the way we vote, find out how to vote tactically, and see the latest data and publications from our team of researchers, data scientists and activists working to protect democracy across the United Kingdom.

Voting and Elections

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We stand at a pivotal moment, and your contribution can make a monumental impact. You have the power to choose where your support is directed.

After 13 years under Tory leadership, the upcoming election presents a crucial turning point for our nation. It's a chance to redirect our course towards progress and unity. Our "Get Voting" campaign is at the heart of this transformative journey. By strategically supporting progressive parties, we aim to reshape the political landscape. "Get Voting" isn't just about casting a ballot; it's about making every vote count where it matters the most. It's a powerful tool to challenge the status quo, giving a voice to progressive ideals and paving the way for change. This election is more than a vote; it's a statement for our future. By supporting Best for Britain today, you're not just donating to a campaign; you're investing in a movement to redefine our tomorrow.

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Britain Can't Wait

After more than a decade the NHS is at breaking point, 1 in 5 people are living in poverty and home ownership has gone from an aspiration to a fantasy for most young people. We need a change of government at the next election. Britain can't wait another five years. Watch eight stories of people who need you to vote at the next election:

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Pick Your Fantasy Cabinet

Our broken voting system means the people in charge rarely have the majority country behind them, but are put in power by a minority of voters. Use our Fantasy Cabinet builder to build your political dream team for a world where personal prowess matters more than party politics. Build my Fantasy Cabinet

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