Scandalous Spending Tracker

The Government has wasted £1000000 since 2019

Scandalous Spending Tracker

The Government has wasted £1000000 since 2019


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News and updates

New polling: Lack of awareness of new voter ID rules could be crucial in marginal constituencies
First-of-its-kind polling suggests that millions could be prevented from voting due to lack of  public awareness of new voter ID regulations, which could make a crucial difference in ultra marginal constituencies.
Tactical Voting MRP: Spring 2024
New data reveals millions are ready to vote tactically to deliver a change of Government at the next election and could be the key to keeping the Conservative Party out of power for the next decade.
Annual Report 2023
As we look ahead to an incredibly important year for Best for Britain and the UK, it is with great pride and optimism that we can also reflect on the progress made and achievements of our team in the year just passed.
MRP Polling: Spring 2024
The first major seat-level MRP poll under new constituency boundaries suggests Labour are set for a 140+ seat majority with 470 seats.
‘When is the next UK general election?’ and every other question you have about how quickly we can get a change of Government
It's felt like an eternity since the public last got a say in who runs the UK and one of the questions we are asked most often is when the next election might be. So here are all your questions answered.
Barred from the ballot: Why young people like me are so angry about voter ID
Why is it that I - a woman in my early 20s - will be turned away if I try to vote using my travel card, but someone over the age of 60 won't for using theirs? Doesn't seem very democratic, right? That's because it's not.
Tactical Voting: FAQs
Answering frequently asked questions on tactical voting. What is tactical voting? How does it work? Are tactical vote recommendations accurate? How do I find out who to vote for?
Five things that SHOULD be April Fools' Day jokes, but…aren't
Full disclosure: we were going to do an April Fools' Day joke. It's a fun date in every marketer’s calendar, a way to poke fun at the government (or more...