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Help us defeat this Government's cruel asylum policies

The Government has passed the inhumane Nationality and Borders Act and is now trying to block and deport all asylum seekers who seek refuge by crossing the Channel.

Things are only going to get worse. 

Though we face the worst refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War, the Government is burying its head in the sand and pushing through legislation which at best ignores the true cause of the crisis and at worst exacerbates it. Without safe routes for asylum seekers, and without proper protections for those fleeing war and persecution, we will only see this crisis escalate until it is of monstrous proportions.

We’re going to campaign against, lobby against and raise awareness of this Government’s draconian agenda towards asylum seekers. But to do that we need your help. 

Will you donate today and help us prepare to tackle this crisis? The Government's legislation may see the numbers of deportations rise and the rights of vulnerable asylum seekers eroded. We will not let this happen without a fight.

So donate today and support that fight for justice and compassion. 



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