Our Crony Christmas Countdown

It’s nearly Christmas! This is the time for feasting, celebrating and of course, for looking back on the year that has passed. 

We decided that this Christmas we’d treat you all to our unique advent calendar, which explores the stupefying spending undertaken by this Government since the current Prime Minister took office.

We’ve categorised each example as either a Crony Contract (such as giving government contracts to Conservative chums), a Duff Deal (like blowing billions on stuff that doesn’t work) or an Outrageous Outgoing (think spending silly money on interior design). Each day up to Christmas day, we’ll reveal another extraordinary example, and by the 25th, you’ll have the full calendar to ponder over - what a yuletide treat!

Obviously, we’re not doing this just to get laughs. Unfortunately, this is all too serious. You’ll probably be familiar with the sum of £10 billion that the Government spent on a flawed Test and Trace system. But we wanted to highlight the sheer cumulative effect of constant fiscal ineptitude and dodginess when Government has so many other things it ought to be spending on. 

From tackling fuel and food poverty, to making up for lost money from EU regional development funds, this wasteful spending is particularly shameful in the context of what the Government is not spending on. 

So, take a look at our countdown and join us in some festive outrage!

Badvent Calendar Reveal

25th December

24th December

23rd December

22nd December

21st December

20th December

19th December

18th December

17th December

16th December

15th December

13th December

12th December

11th December

10th December

9th December

8th December

6th December

4th December

5th December

3rd December

2nd December

1st December