Farage on I'm a Celeb

Write to Ant & Dec...

It's finally been revealed that Nigel Farage is heading into the I'm a Celeb jungle. 

And the timing couldn't be worse; after a weekend where populist policitians brought the far right onto our streets, ITV is building the profile of a man whose only claim to fame is from stoking divisions among our communities. The decision to pay Nigel Farage £1.5m (the highest anyone has been paid to appear on the show) is completely incompatible with ITV's values and goals.

It's time to ask Ant & Dec if they're comfortable presenting a programme promoting this man, and to pledge not to watch I'm a Celeb until Farage is ruled out.

What can you do?

1) Pledge not to watch the show

Tell Ant and Dec and ITV that you won't be watching.

Pledge not to watch - on X

2) Write to Ant & Dec

Ask them if they're comfortable promoting a divisive politician at a time when social cohesion is under strain.

(Your email will be sent to them via their agent, and ITV Plc)