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Take action: stop our rights, freedoms and opportunities going up in smoke on the Brexit bonfire

Will you donate today to help us challenge the Government on its Brexit bluster?

The new “Brexit Freedoms Bill” contains promises from the PM to capitalise on the “freedoms” that Brexit offers.

But what are these freedoms? We’re currently bogged down by Brexit bureaucracy - with more red tape than ever affecting shipments at our borders. We’re burdened with the escalating cost of living, and there are no political solutions in sight. 

The “Brexit Freedoms Bill” is simply Boris bluster - and we can’t let him keep spouting it without calling him out. 

This Government must stop with the empty promises and do the right thing for our society. And if it will not do that willingly then we must make sure that it knows that the public will not tolerate it any more. 

Will you be part of our drive to hold the Government to account? From campaigns to research to polling, we’ll keep striving to make sure this Government doesn’t get away with anything. Be part of our work and donate today.



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