Past events

'No to Boris. Yes to Europe' Demo on July 20th

July 20, 2019 at 12:00pm - 4pm
Park Lane, north of the Hilton Hotel
Park Lane
London W1K 1RA
United Kingdom
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Reunite the people. Reunite with Europe.

Show the new Prime Minister, the country and the world that we want to stop the Brexit chaos.

We’ve had enough of politics as usual. Fixated on Brexit, our politicians have wasted the last three years. Only together, with Europe and the world, can we fix the huge issues that face us all, from the climate emergency, to schools, the NHS and the housing crisis.

Best for Britain is standing with March for Change, a network of grassroots organisations, to stop Boris getting his way. We must show the world the people want to change course.  

We are proud of our country. We know we can do better than this. Say 'No to Boris. Yes to Europe'.