Break down the Brexit Trade Barriers

UPDATE 6th March 2023: Windsor Framework unlocked offer for UK to join European "Horizon programme" but Sunak reluctant

The EU announced that by agreeding the Windsor Framework for Northern Ireland the path to the UK rejoining Horizon, the EU's massive funding programme for scientific research. UK scientists and technology sectors overwhelmingly support the UK participating, but Sunak is delaying opening talks with Europe. It is understood he would prefer a "UK-led programme involving collaboration with non-EU as well as European nations" - much like the failing 'Turing Scheme' which was the UK's replacement for the Erasmus+ student placement programme.

We add to the petition: We call on the Prime Minister to do what is best for the Uk and our world-class science and research sectors and negotiate for teh Uk to rejoin the Horizon progamme as soon as possible. Our scientists urgently need acccess to funding and opportunities to collaborate internationally. Failure on this now would be a huge step backwards for the UK and for our ability to come up with new ways to meet the challenges that face us.

UPDATE 27th February 2023: UK and EU agree new Northern Ireland Protocol deal - "the Windsor framework"

A new deal, dubbed 'the Windsor framework' has been agreed between the UK and EU which has the potential to make a huge positive difference to the people of Northern Ireland and businesses and consumers across the UK. This deal represents welcome pragmatism from all sides and upholds the level playing field with our closest and largest trading partners. It demonstrates what is possible when we engage in constructive dialogue and work in the common interest with our European neighbours. It can and should mark the beginning of a new chapter in UK/EU relations, one built on trust, mutual respect and shared prosperity.

In addition to the petition below: We call on the Prime Minister to put the deal to Parliament immediately and for MPs of all parties to support the deal to end the uncertainty. We renew our call for more and continuing constructive dialogue between the UK and EU, to rebuild the relationship between the UK and our friends in the EU.

The petition

We the undersigned believe that the settlement on the Northern Ireland Protocol can and should mark the beginning of a new chapter in UK/EU relations, one built on trust, mutual respect, and shared prosperity.

In the interests of providing stability for the people of Northern Ireland and certainty for UK businesses, we call on all elected representatives to support this agreement. 

We further call on the UK Government to work towards removing even more post-Brexit barriers between the UK and EU to help businesses during this challenging economic environment

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