Two thirds of constituencies in Great Britain now support Remain

Major research by Best for Britain, in conjunction with Hope Not Hate, shows that the British public has shifted even further against Brexit. View the interactive map of the data here.

This research was based on Populus polling of over 8,000 people across October and November (24th October – 6th November).

422 of 632 constituencies

in England, Scotland and Wales (Great Britain) now have majority support for remain.

324 of 533 English constituencies

now back staying in the EU, as do all Scottish seats and all but one seat in Wales.

193 more constituencies 

want to stay in the EU than did in June 2016 according to our research.

Our August 2018 research showed that 112 Parliamentary constituencies had switched from majority leave to majority remain support, with another 81 seats revealed in our new report. This makes a total of 193 switch seats.

All constituencies in Great Britain have moved towards backing the public having a final say on Brexit

A continuation of our research from August, it is clear evidence of changing attitudes on Brexit at a constituency-by-constituency level in the UK.

Download the report as a PDF here.

See the full data tables here.

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