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New polling shows Brexit branding hit to consumer confidence
Almost one in five (18%) have said they are less likely to buy products labelled ‘Not for EU’ which will be a requirement on all British meat and dairy produce from October 2024. 
Enormous poll shows strong majority want change at the next election
A major new poll suggests that time could soon be up for the Tories, with a majority of Brits in favour of a change of Government.   SPLIT The enormous new...
New mega-poll reveals voter’s desire for stronger EU-UK ties and dismay at Rishi Sunak.
Our mega-poll of over 10,000 respondents has found that the British public has run out of patience with Rishi Sunak’s government.
Scandalous spending tracker
It's easy to become numb to the scale and frequency of the government's fiscal ineptitude and dodginess and so we will highlight the cumulative impact this is having at a time when there are so many other things they should be spending on. 
Best for Britain responds to Government Minister on Voter ID claims
In May this year, voters in some parts of England took part in the first local election in Great Britain where they were required to present mandatory photo ID. We now know, just as we had warned, more than 14,000 people were recorded as losing their right to vote in May because they did not have the correct photo ID. These figures don't even include the people who realised they didn't have ID and turned around before they went into the polling station or just stayed at home.
MRP Polling: New Boundaries June 2023
The first major seat-level MRP poll under new constituency boundaries suggests Labour are set for a 140+ seat majority with 470 seats.
New attitudes poll: Voters want relationship with Europe
New polling shows that the majority of Britons think Brexit has created more problems than it's solved and want a closer relationship with Europe
Annual Report 2022
Find out what Best for Britain did in 2022 - what we achieved, what we worked on and how our supporters made it happen.
New Brexit Poll: Sceptics now outnumber Brexit cheerleaders among Tory voters
A new poll suggests that Brexit scepticism could be on the rise among Conservative voters as more say Britain’s withdrawal from the EU has created more problems than it has solved.
The Wavering Wall: The impact of undecided voters on Britain’s next General Election
New MRP polling and analysis of undecided voters, or the ‘Wavering Wall’, by Best for Britain suggests the majority are likely to be timid Tories. This landmark report found that despite the Labour Party’s consistent 20 point lead in the polls in the latter half of 2022, it would only deliver them a UK parliamentary majority of fewer than 30 seats.
STOP THE CLOCK: Prime Minister finally appoints ethics adviser after 190 days
In the end our government went almost 200 days without doing the bare minimum on standards, ethics and accountability.
'Don't Knows' reveal fragility of Labour poll lead
New analysis of undecided voters shows the vast bulk of undecided voters cannot be won as easily by Labour as the Conservatives and are more likely to vote Tory at the next election.
New MRP election pact analysis: Labour's chances at the next General Election
Best for Britain has undertaken a major 10,000-response poll and seat-by-seat MRP investigation into how the parties would fare at a UK General Election and, crucially, what would happen in different election pact scenarios.
New polling: Public rejects PM’s power grab as peers vote on independence of Elections watchdog
New polling by Opinium on behalf of Best for Britain reveals that 70% of those asked believe the Electoral Commission should remain fully independent of the government while only 8% said it should not.
Elections Bill - briefing to MPs 25.04.22
Ahead of the Elections Bill's return to the Commons, Best for Britain has produced a briefing for MPs
Elections Bill Lord's Committee Stage Briefing
Our briefing to Peers on the Elections Bill at Committee Stage, containing key messaging and other amendments to support, is below.
Policing Bill Clause 58 - briefing
This briefing on the Policing Bill was produced in advance of the Consideration of Lords amendments on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. February 2022.
Elections Bill Briefing
This briefing was produced ahead of the Second Reading of the Elections Bill in the Lords. February 2022.
NEW POLL: Parliament Square protests should be saved
New polling undertaken by Opinium on behalf of Best for Britain shows that 79% of people asked think peaceful protests should be allowed outside the Houses of Parliament including 75% of people who voted Conservative at the last election and 76% of people who voted Leave at the EU referendum. Only 15% of people asked disagree with this.
New polling shows 53% of people think the government's Brexit deal has created more problems than it has solved
A new nationally representative poll reveals that most people in the UK (53%) think the deal has created more problems than it solved with just 15% of people saying it solved more problems than it created. Even Leave voters are more likely to agree that the deal has created more problems than solutions.
Written Evidence to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee
Best for Britain has submitted written evidence to the PACAC inquiry into the Elections Bill. Read why we are deeply concerned by this dangerous anti-democratic new law.