June 20, 2018 12:38 PM

No experience needed for top Brexit Airspace and Aviation jobs

The government is advertising for a Head of Airspace Strategy and Head of Aviation EU Exit Negotiations, although "prior knowledge of airspace and the aviation sector is an advantage but not necessary". Commenting, Best for Britain champion Gareth Thomas MP said:  

"How can the government be advertising for two vital jobs like the Head of Airspace Strategy and Head of Aviation EU Exit Negotiations and yet not require experience in that sector?
"Planes will be grounded, holidays will be ruined and business operations will grind to a halt - all because this government has conducted Brexit like the political equivalent of Captain Mannering and Private Pike. This is becoming a national embarrassment."


Notes to Editors:

If you use this quote, please mention Gareth is a Best for Britain champion.

Here's a link to the job ad: https://www.civilservicejobs.service.gov.uk/csr/jobs.cgi?owner=5070000&ownertype=fair&jcode=1586968&posting_code=0&language=

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