Government lose MP seat as Lib Dems claim stunning by-election victory MPs from all four UK nations demand parliamentary scrutiny of Australia trade deal Euro squads are a celebration of immigration according to new research Response to new data showing fall in global and EU trade David Frost ignoring concerns of small businesses on EU trade Conservative MPs must oppose "deeply illiberal" Policing Bill Relaunch event sets out clear mission for Best for Britain Poll reveals 60% of Leavers back closer cooperation with Europe and most voters don’t understand meaning of ‘Global Britain’ MPs and business leaders launch cross-party commission on trade with Europe and the world OBR confirms Brexit will cause long-term damage to the UK economy Best for Britain is relaunching... Gordon Brown to speak at Best for Britain LIVE event Campaign success as PM promises to “sort out” visa-free touring for artists. Campaign success as Policing Bill is delayed while Government rethinks its position Crowdfunder launched tonight to fight Policing Bill Opposition to Policing Bill bridges Brexit divide Government has 'betrayed exporters with contradictory approach to trade' Govt 'strangling business with red tape' Govt must look to entrepreneurs to help replace 10,000 lost car jobs Calais refugees 'Believe UK asylum now easier'

Published and promoted by Cary Mitchell on behalf of Best for Britain, the campaign name of BEST FOR BRITAIN LIMITED registered at International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN. Best for Britain is registered with The Electoral Commission.

Best for Britain Limited, company number 10436078 registered in England and Wales.
Registered for VAT no. 378894125

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