Brexit meeting between PM and Euro Commission President later this week 'is a good sign'

The joint statement from European Commission President Ursela von der Leyen and Prime Minister Boris Johnson can be found here.

Responding to the joint statement this evening from Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursela von der Leyen, Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith said:

"It is a good sign that the Prime Minister and European Commission President will meet later this week. In the middle of a pandemic, no one wins from the failure to reach an agreement to continue trading without tariffs.

"It is time for cool heads to prevail, particularly as communities up and down the country, from farmers to car manufacturers, are relying on these talks to prevent a damaging trade cliff-edge.

"Both sides need a trade deal to support jobs and good relations with our neighbours. We now hope the political will is there too."

Speak out by contacting your MP

Use Best for Britain's simple online tool to send a message to your MP. Let them know British businesses need a proper deal with Europe. 


Time is running out to get a deal, and time is running out for businesses that need to prepare for the end of this year.

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