Britain can’t afford to have our hands tied by Brexit

Labour leader Keir Starmer sets out party's plans for government, but doesn't address Brexit 

Speaking to a crowded auditorium at the annual party conference on Tuesday, Keir Starmer outlined Labour's plans to get Britain's "future back".

Noticeably, however, Starmer's speech didn't address Brexit, with the topic only coming up once in passing. 

Best for Britain has long been campaigning for closer UK-EU ties. In June this year the UK Trade and Business Commission, set up by Best for Britain, published a report containing a comprehensive list of recommendations to improve the UK's trading relationships and boost economic growth. Key recommendations include a new 'UK-EU Regulatory Cooperation Council' and a new Youth Mobility Scheme with the EU. 

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said,

“Keir Starmer says he wants to extend the hand of partnership to business but business leaders will also want Labour to extend their other hand across the Channel to improve the shambolic Brexit deal.

"Britain can no longer afford to have one hand tied behind our back with new red tape, new costs and lost opportunities from Brexit.”