Borderline chaos: campaigners call for alignment amid border check confusion

Campaigners have criticised the Government for its handling of post-Brexit border checks and called for beneficial regulatory alignment with the EU. 

From next Tuesday, the Government is scheduled to introduce new post-Brexit border checks on imports from the EU. 

However, last week the FT reported that crucial checks will not begin by the deadline. The Government has not responded to these reports to either confirm or deny that checks are being reduced, leaving businesses completely in the dark and unable to prepare with only days to go. 

If reports are correct, and checks are being reduced, this will be the sixth delay to the implementation of border checks. Today, the Parliamentary Environment and Rural Affairs Committee wrote to the Government to demand clarity.

Best for Britain campaigns for beneficial regulatory alignment with the UK’s largest market as a way to increase trade and certainty while reducing costs and barriers to growth. 

Tom Brufatto, Director of Policy at Best for Britain said, 

“As if it wasn't bad enough that they have to suffer this new and costly Brexit red rape, businesses now face complete disarray too due to the Government’s poor planning and communication. In every possible way these checks have been a disaster and businesses deserve better.

“The Government must put an end to this chaos and introduce beneficial regulatory alignment as a way to cut unnecessary costs for businesses, reduce inflation and get the economy growing again.”