Coalfield communities targeted by PM's 'backstop bribe' hardest hit by austerity

Leave-supporting seats targeted by the Government have been decimated by Tory austerity cuts in the last decade, a report discovered by Best for Britain has revealed. 

The Times reports the Government will offer funding measures in an attempt to woo Labour MPs in leave-supporting coalfield constituencies.

However, Best for Britain has discovered an independent study by Centre for Cities which shows that Tory cuts have hit the Coalfield communities hardest, exposing the hypocrisy of the Government's attempts to get Labour MPs from these areas to back their deal. 

The report reveals that four out of the five hardest hit areas by austerity measures are in fact coalfield communities; Barnsley (40.4 per cent), Doncaster (30.6 per cent), Wakefield (30.1 per cent) and Blackburn (26.7 per cent). 

Commenting, Best for Britain CEO Eloise Todd said:

"The coalfield communities of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and South Yorkshire have been taken for granted for too long. This part of the country has been disproportionately impacted by years of cuts, lack of funding and crippling austerity, and now a harmful Brexit threatens to tear them apart. 

“The Government’s offer is too little too late. MPs must resist the temptation to accept this cheap bribe in exchange for supporting the Prime Minister’s failed Brexit deal. It’s insulting to think communities and MPs could be bought off by a government that has neglected them for so long.

“It is time for MPs of these communities to stand up for constituents and protect them against a destructive Tory Brexit.”