Covid Inquiry: Tories must answer for Johnson’s recklessness

Campaigners have called for voters to hold the current government to account as Johnson gave evidence to the Covid Inquiry today in the first of two sessions.

The session, which lasted around six hours, saw Johnson deliver a prepared apology and admit to serious failures in his own decision making.

However, he defended his absence from multiple COBRA meetings in the early stages of the pandemic which many experts cite was the crucial time for the UK to counter the spread of the virus and avoid unnecessary deaths. 

Johnson was questioned on his failure to work closely with devolved governments in the UK during the pandemic because he feared it would look like a "mini EU"

He was also confronted with his own reported offensive comments and note which he did not deny including saying "Why are we destroying everything for people who will die soon anyway? Bed blockers." and writing 'Bollocks' next to notes describing the need for a Long Covid review

The beginning of the session was interrupted by protesters who were forcibly ejected from the hearing.

Chief Executive of Best for Britain, Naomi Smith said, 

“Johnson’s recklessness led to thousands of preventable deaths and his indifference meant millions are still living with the crippling impact of Long Covid. Many of us who lost loved ones during the Pandemic will never forgive him, even after his well-rehearsed, three-year-late and qualified apology.

“While he may never be properly held accountable, the party which put, and kept, him in power can be. We need to vote this government out. We need a general election now.”

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