Carole Can't Wait - Write to your party leader

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Action now, not in five years

The system is broken. Victims of crime like Carole can't wait. Take action now, contact the leader of YOUR political party and tell them to work together with other opposition parties at the next election.

Since 2010, half of all police stations have closed and there are 8,000 fewer police officers. Last year only 1 in every 20 of violent crimes resulted in someone being charged and sexual offences reached a record high. Many, like Carole, no longer feel safe in their neighbourhood and in their home.

Our outdated voting system keeps the Tories in power with a minority of votes. While consistently, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Green Party get a bigger combined number of votes at elections.

Carole can't wait

Tell YOUR Party leader you want them to cooperate with other opposition parties to make sure there is a change of government at the next election. 

Tell them Carole can't wait.

This isn't about political process or scoring political points. This is about the people who are being failed right now. This is about electing a government that actually matches what people vote for, and one that helps people in need. This is about people, not politics.

Carole can't wait another five years for the election after next.

Write to YOUR party leader

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Why must change happen now?

Without a change of government, it could be too late to save our NHS after another five years. If the share of seats matched the share of votes they received, the Conservatives would have only won 2 of the last 21 elections. Even Margaret Thatcher would have failed to secure a majority.

Right-wing parties worked together to win the last two elections with around 40% of the vote but getting 56% of the seats. Opposition parties would be wise to beat them at their own game. Latest constituency-level polling shows that by cooperating in just 100 out of 650 constituencies, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Greens combined could lock the Tories out of power and help people like Hassan.

Why do opposition parties need to work together?

The current outdated voting system means that the Conservative Party benefits from other right-wing parties standing down for them, but people who want to vote against this government remain split between three parties in England. In this unfair system, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Green Party need to beat the government at their own game. They need to work together for one election to win. If they then make the voting system more fair, they will never need to again.

Why contact the leaders of Labour, Lib Dems and Greens?

The majority of the constituencies where electoral pacts would make the difference between the Conservative party winning or losing are located in England. So it is the opposition parties located in that nation - Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party of England & Wales - that have to be convinced to work together. 

As a member of one of these political parties you have a chance to put the case directly to your party leader.