Frank can't wait - Tell Keir Starmer to back PR

The UK is one of the richest countries in the world but under this Conservative government, those most in need are coping with less and less.

As prices spike thousands have had support removed after being subjected to often degrading and humiliating assessments.

Since 2018, the Government wrongfully removed payments for almost 300,000 people. 1,000 of them died waiting for this error to be corrected.

The Conservatives have cut welfare spending by £37billion since 2010. They have wastefully spent more than £60billion of public money in the last 3 years alone.

If the Conservatives remain in power, they will take more from those most in need and hand more public money to their mates.

Frank can’t wait Something must change.

Our outdated voting system keeps the Tories in power with a minority of votes. If the share of seats matched the share of votes they received, the Conservatives would have only won 2 of the last 21 elections. Even Margaret Thatcher would have failed to secure a majority.

The Conservative Party knows that they can’t win under a better system. That’s why this year they rolled back fairer voting for local elections in England.

A better voting system means Labour is likely to be in government more often and in a position to help people like Frank. 80% of Labour members back a fairer voting system as does Britain’s largest trade union. We need you to tell Keir Starmer that you expect him to back a fairer voting system too.

Write to Keir Starmer asking him to support making Proportional Representation party policy at this year's Labour Party Conference.

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