David Davis should walk - Tom Brake

Multiple news outlets are reporting that David Davis is considering resigning his position as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union if Theresa May goes ahead with her backstop for the Irish border. Commenting, Best for Britain champion Tom Brake MP said: 

"The Brexit backstop has become the frontstop and there is no way David Davis will swallow that. He needs to walk.

"The truth of the matter, which this government is so desperate to hide, is that the Brexit process has been more expensive, more time-consuming and much much more complicated than anyone anticipated. But this time a fudge simply will not do.

"Now, with one of the leading Brexiteers considering quitting after struggling to find a way through the chaos, it's difficult to see Brexit as anything other than a shambolic mess. To my mind it's clear we need a people's vote on Brexit that includes an option to remain in the EU and put an end to this sorry tale."