DD's 60k sideline job for Brexit backing JCB

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis has just disclosed in the Register of Members Interests a new £60,000-a-year job at JCB, whose chairman is pro-Brexit Anthony Bamford. He will be doing a strenuous 20 hours of work a year for the company, pocketing £3,000 per hour.

Ian Murray, Labour MP and Best for Britain supporter, said:

“Having failed to properly plan for Brexit and storming out of the Cabinet, it’s frankly disgusting that David Davis is now picking up around £3,000-per-hour in his second job with JCB.

“What an absolute insult to the people of the UK who have been left facing deeper austerity and increased living costs as a result of the calamitous Brexit he campaigned for and still supports.

“There are very real consequences of the decisions he made, and workers in the construction and manufacturing sectors will be among those to pay the price.

“He should be thoroughly ashamed, but the hardcore Brexiteers who lied to the people of Britain have no shame. It’s time to take matters out of the hands of people like David Davis and give control to the public through a people’s vote.”