Deluded or deceitful? Badenoch is wrong on the cost of Brexit to Britain

Addressing the annual Conservative Party Conference, the Business and Trade Secretary criticised people who she claimed, "are obsessed with viewing every problem as Brexit".

Kemi Badenoch continued to accuse people who have highlighted the problems created or made worse by Brexit of "talking the country down".

Official statistics from the Office for Budget Responsibility has forecast that leaving the European Union will lead to productivity being 4% lower in the long run than if Brexit had never happened.

This weekend a letter from the Government confirmed that new checks due to be introduced as part of the Brexit deal on plant and animal products alone, will cost UK firms approximately £330 million per annum. Costs that will likely be passed on, at least in part, to already hard pressed consumers.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said,

“To celebrate Brexit the day after her own government confirmed it will cost UK businesses an extra £330 million annually in red tape on plant and animal products alone is further confirmation that the Business Secretary and her party no longer deal in reality. 

“At a time when businesses need certainty and honesty from government, Badenoch is at best deluded and at worst deceitful on the cost of Brexit to this country.”