Democratic disgrace: PM could wait until 28 March to bounce MPs into voting through deal

The Prime Minister appears to have contradicted the House of Commons on procedure regarding the delayed Brexit vote, claiming the latest it could be held is the 21 January 2019. With the House stating the latest date a vote could be held would be the 28 March 2019, concerns have been raised that the House could be bounced into voting for the Prime Minister's deal.

Commenting, Best for Britain chief Eloise Todd said: 

"This is a democratic disgrace. The Prime Minister's mantra used to be that no deal was better than a bad deal. Now it seems like she wants to take us to the precipice of no deal to get her bad deal through.

"The fact that she might need to wait till the last second to force her deal on the country shows how unpalatable it is. More importantly, it wouldn't solve any of the splits in this country - leaving only a bitter taste in voters’ mouths.

"The only genuine way of solving the current parliamentary gridlock is to give people the final say over Brexit, with the option of staying in the EU."


Notes to Editors:

Here's a link to the House of Commons statement on procedure for the delayed Brexit vote: