Donate: stop the Brexit freedoms Bill

Hold this Government accountable for its botched Brexit

The Government is expected to introduce a new Brexit Freedoms Bill. This is not about building up Britain after Brexit, or about comprehensive policies to make the best of Brexit.

Instead, it will be a hollow document which betrays British people with its empty boasts. 

We don’t plan to let this go unchallenged. 

Support us to rise to the challenge of scrutinising, campaigning against and raising awareness of this hollow legislation. Donate today. 

The Brexit Freedoms Bill will be full of empty bragging - and it is likely to also contain a legal mechanism by which the Government - whoever it is headed by - will be able to change our laws without scrutiny. For all its hollowness, it will also be dangerous. 

So donate today and help us build a lasting, sustainable and long-term campaign against authoritarian and unproductive politics.