EU threat to unite against Britain is also an opportunity

German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier today called on the EU to rally behind its chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and warned the United Kingdom not to bet on the EU to “fall apart.”

Altmaier said: “We will be closing ranks in an act of great European solidarity, also in the last weeks, and nobody should hope that the European Union will quarrel about this question, that it will fall apart, that it will not be united.”

Commenting, Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith said:

“While this is a clear warning to Britain that there must now be compromise if a disastrous No Deal exit is to be avoided, Altmaier also leaves the door open for the Govt to deliver the trade deal that was promised in the 2019 Conservative manifesto.

“He speaks of Europe having British colleagues and friends but is also adamant that any deal must be compatible with the EU constitution.

“It is clear that a deal is essential, a comprehensive deal that benefits both the UK and EU. It is equally clear that there must now be movement from politicians on the so-called red-line issues that have stalled talks completely over the summer. Otherwise, both sides will lose out.”