Government can’t have it both ways on immigration

James Cleverly announces Government plans to reduce net migration

In a speech to the House of Commons today, Home Secretary James Cleverly announced a 5 point plan to cut immigration to the UK, which included raising the minimum salary required for an overseas skilled worker to come to Britain from £26,200 to £38,700 a year and stopping overseas care workers from bringing family dependants. 

Cleverly claims this will cut annual immigration numbers by around 300,000. 

His announcements comes just over a week after the Office for National Statistics revealed that net migration into the UK was up to a record 745,000 last year; far higher than originally predicted.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said,  

“There are over a hundred thousand vacancies across our public services, not to mention the wider economy.

“The Government can’t have it both ways; by reducing immigration they will stunt growth and put even more pressure on vital services. It's time for Sunak and his ministers to be honest with voters that immigration is not only good for the UK but essential.”