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The Johnson Government’s trade policy was far from responsible. His administration allowed Brexit to harm British businesses and put UK consumers at a disadvantage. There is no sign his successor will be any better.

When it comes to energy deals, instead of committing to amped-up green solutions in the wake of Russia’s war on Ukraine, Boris Johnson asked the Saudis to increase their oil production. Rather than leading the way on demanding the highest food safety, veterinary and environmental standards post-Brexit, the Johnson Government was happy to entertain a range of trade deals that could significantly undercut British home-grown produce and drive standards down. We must prevent a future administration from pushing forward the same policies. 

We need a sustainable and safe trading strategy, including energy, that helps restore the UK’s security and ensures long-term economic prosperity. Best for Britain is leading the charge - we will keep engaging MPs, keep working with the Lords and keep up the campaigning until we get there. Being a truly global Britain, must mean being best-in-class on standards.



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