Improvements to Brexit deal should be welcomed

Campaigners have welcomed signals from the Labour Party that they intend to improve the current Brexit deal as Keir Starmer visited Paris to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron. 

Keir Starmer touched down in Paris this morning alongside his shadow cabinet team of Rachel Reeves and David Lammy. Whilst the midday meeting with Macron was described as a 'get to know you' talk, it is understood that the potential for a better deal with Europe was high on the agenda. 

This comes two days after Keir Starmer told the Financial Times that a Labour government would push for a better deal with Europe. His announcement has received a significant backlash from both sides of the Brexit divide. 

Best for Britain has long been campaigning for closer UK-EU ties. In June this year the UK Trade and Business Commission, set up by Best for Britain, published a report containing a comprehensive list of recommendations to improve the UK's trading relationships and boost economic growth. Key recommendations include a new 'UK-EU Regulatory Cooperation Council' and a new Youth Mobility Scheme with the EU. 

Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain said, 

“It’s unfortunate that the Labour leader is facing criticism from both sides of the Brexit divide for seeking to improve a Brexit deal which continues to cause immense damage to British businesses and has introduced barriers to work and travel for millions of people.

“Political and diplomatic relations are about the art of the possible and after years of a Government that sought domestic political advantage by antagonising our European allies, this moment offers an opportunity for a reset. Those of us who want to see closer UK-EU ties must not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”