Introducing the Best for Britain Fantasy Cabinet Builder

If David Cameron can be Foreign Secretary, anyone can! That’s why we’ve launched the new Best for Britain Fantasy Cabinet Builder.

Following the belated sacking of his riot-baiting Home Secretary,  the tool puts you in the Prime Minister’s shoes as he faces the unenviable task of rebuilding his fractured cabinet… again.

Legally speaking, anyone can be appointed a minister and so we’ve enabled players to choose from MPs from government benches, opposition benches, or just about anywhere to sit round the cabinet table and make all the important decisions.

So who will be your Education Secretary, Mark Francois or Mr Blobby? Will it be Jeremy Hunt at the Treasury or Jeremy Clarkson? The only limit is your imagination and the occasional bug in this hastily constructed code.

Note: While a dearth of talent among his MPs forced Rishi Sunak to appoint David Cameron as Foreign Secretary,  there is no function to ennoble disgraced former Prime Ministers in our Cabinet Builder.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said, 

“We want to give everyone the chance to decide who they think should run the country because, let’s face it, they can hardly do any worse than Rishi Sunak.

“Today’s farce has clearly demonstrated that this country does not need another reshuffle from a government that has so clearly run out of steam. We need a General Election.”

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