King’s Speech: Sunak out of ideas and out of time

The Prime Minister is facing criticism today for promising action on issues which worsened under his government and with almost no time for meaningful legislation before the next General Election.

The King's Speech, which is actually written by the Government, is read at the beginning of a new parliamentary term to confirm their policy agenda.

However, the content of the speech has been criticisied for vague promises to address acute issues which have got worse since Rishi Sunak entered Downing Street

NHS waiting lists

The speech read: "My Government will deliver its plans to cut waiting lists and transform the long-term workforce of the National Health Service."

The reality: Since January, the number of people waiting for treatments from the NHS in England and Wales has grown from  7.2 million to 7.75 million, the highest since records began in 2007. When the Conservatives took over in 2010, the number of people waiting for treatment was 2.6million.

Climate Action

The speech read: "My Government will continue to lead action on tackling climate change and biodiversity loss, support developing countries with their energy transition, and hold other countries to their environmental commitments."

The reality: By encouraging trade with more distant countries, weaponising ULEZ in recent by-elections , u-turning on key climate action pledges and granting new oil and gas licences, this Government has demonstrated that they are prioritising short term electoral gain over long term climate action.


The speech read: "My ministers will continue to negotiate trade agreements with dynamic economies, delivering jobs and growth in the United Kingdom."

The reality: Apart from the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU, the Government has only made two new trade agreements since Brexit that have not simply been rollover agreements continuing the trading conditions we enjoyed while EU members. These new trade deals highlighted the weaker negotiating position of the UK outside the EU and have undercut important British industries while delivering almost no significant benefits to the UK. Trade negotiations with India are reported to have stalled and plans for a US trade deal seem to have been abandoned.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said, 

“Despite thin promises in the King’s Speech, the fact is that under Sunak trade negotiations have stalled, climate action has been neutered and NHS waiting lists have only risen.

“With any meaningful action impossible before the General Election, this government is out of touch, out of ideas and out of time. This country can’t wait any longer for change and that’s why at the next election, Best for Britain is organising the most powerful tactical voting operation the nation has ever seen.”

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