Labour to seek more structured EU-UK foreign policy partnership

Labour has set out plans for closer cooperation with the EU if they come to power

Today it was reported that the Labour Party would seek to attend meetings of EU Foreign Affairs Council if they win the next general election. 

It is understood that their aim would not be to gain ad hoc membership or voting rights, but to open up a more structured dialogue with the EU on foreign and security issues. 

Best for Britain campaigns to strengthen UK-EU ties. Key recommendations to achieve this include regulatory alignment with the EU where beneficial, an improved visa system that works for the UK and a new Board of Trade to provide independent analysis. 

Tom Brufatto, Director of Policy at Best for Britain said,

“In the context of increasing global instability and the threat of a Trump Presidency, this is a welcome recognition from Labour that now more than ever we must hug our European allies tight.”

“With the current Government failing to recognise this reality, it’s clear that any rapprochement with the EU is dependent on a change of Government and that is why we will be running to help voters get the Tories out at the next general election.”

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