The NHS can't wait


It might seem odd to talk about the NHS and Proportional Representation together. But as we celebrate 75 years of our health service, it has never been more imperilled.

From its very inception, when Liberal economist William Beveridge wrote about the creation of the welfare state, that gave Clement Atlee's Labour government the founding principles for the National Health Service Act in 1946, the political parties advocating for universal healthcare have been repeatedly shut out of government by our First-Past-The-Post voting system.

And after more than a decade of Conservative administration ambulance waiting times have never been higher, thousands of people struggle to get GP appointments every morning, and our doctors and nurses are quitting under the strain of poor working conditions caused by repeated cuts and underfunding.

Our broken voting system keeps governments in power with a minority of votes, and robs us of ones that the majority of people voted for.

If this government won't fix our health service, we demand a voting system that gives us one which will.

Doctors and nurses can't wait. You and your family can't wait. 

The NHS can't wait.

Britain can't wait.

Sandra's story

The ambulance waiting time crisis has reached unprecedented levels, with people waiting hours for emergency medical services to arrive.

If this government won't wake up to the ambulance crisis, we must demand a voting system that gives us one which will.


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Mary's story

Doctors are struggling to keep up with the number of patients needing their help and are terrified of making too many medical decisions under increasing time pressure. Many of those who want to train can’t afford to, and due to low pay and poor working condtions, those who do sometimes end up leaving the UK altogether.

The government is failing, backed by a minority of votes.


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Hassan's story

After more than a decade our public services have been destroyed by cuts, the NHS is at breaking point, and 60% of healthcare professionals are considering changing career.

Britain can't wait a moment longer.


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