Northern Ireland: UK Government must not introduce new instability with Rwanda Bill

The DUP leader, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, has announced that his party has endorsed a deal that will see power-sharing government restored in Northern Ireland.

After months of negotiations between the UK Government and the DUP, it was announced early this morning that Donaldson had secured the “decisive” backing of his executive to resume power sharing at Stormont.

This comes 726 days after the DUP collapsed the devolved institutions in protest at the impact of the Brexit deal on trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Tom Brufatto, Director of Policy at Best for Britain said,

“Now that power-sharing will finally be restored, it is crucial that the Government does not introduce new instability in Northern Ireland.

“As well as being morally wrong and legally questionable, the Safety of Rwanda Bill could undermine the Good Friday Agreement by allowing the UK Government to unilaterally disregard international law written into Northern Ireland’s peace settlement. Peers must oppose this plan.”

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